Sikcalling Border Collies and White Swiss Shepherds

Columboola QLD

Hip scores 1:1
Elbow scores 0:0
CEA carrier
DNA Confirmed clear for CL, MDR1, DM, TS etc
Carries Black only

The Story litter 

Update 07/05/2019

On the 1st of May Fable gave birth to 5 healthy


That's right all boys! 

while we are a little disappointed in not getting any girls, the main thing is mum and babies are happy and health!

The boys are all nice looking boys and we are excited to see them develop.

at this stage we expect to have 2 boys available to homes but we wont know which ones till they have been evaluated at 6 Weeks.

Hip scores 2:1
Elbow score 0:0
CL, CEA & TNS clear by parentage

Update 20/05/2019

The Boys are now nearly three weeks old and the fun is begging!

everyone has their eyes and ears open and are getting better and standing and moving everyday.

their little personalities are also starting to develop. Mr green is a snuggle bunny always looking for a scratch and attention, Red and Yellow are the mischief makers and the instigators of most play fights.

Purple and Blue seem to be Red and Yellows main targets.

German & Aust Ch Trucharm Read allaboutit
The Story Litter
Aust Ch Trumagik A Scottish Fable
Aust Ch Tookurra Catch a Star
Aust Ch Tullacrest thief a hearts
Aust Ch Tookurra Believe n magic
Aust Ch Trumagik Classic Charm
Aust Ch Trucharm Royal Tartan
Aust Ch Trumagik TochoKarla
AM. GR. CH. SUP. CH Bordalace Flash N Dash PT
CH. Maghera Morse Code CDX. HT
CH. Bordalace Luckoftheirish
Trumagik Tartan Kirra
Pukawidgee Yarrawa Select
CH. Trumagik Black Betty