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Trumagik Follow A Star (AI)

Journey is my lines dream come true, the daughter of my Beautiful Fable and fathered by the legendary Jack Am, Nz Ch Aust Grand Ch Trumagik Tartan Trekker. 

she has an awesome level temperament and is a big mummy's girl

I cant wait to see how this girl develops over the next few years 

at 9 months old Journey managed to tear her Achilles tendon in an accident. she has had surgery to repair the tendon and was in a brace and crated for nearly three months.. 5 months later Journey is back in the ring and moving like she had never been injured.

Date of Birth: 21-Jun-2018


CEA Carrier

Clear for MDR1, Raines, TNS, DM and Glaucoma

Hip Score 3:3

Elbow Score 0:0

Carries the Dilute Gene

AM Ch. NZ Ch. Grand CH. Trumagik Tartan Trekker
Trumagik Follow a Star
Aust Ch Trumagik A Scottish Fable
Gr Ch Trumagik Toucho Tartan
AM. GR. CH. SUP. CH Bordalace Flash N Dash PT
Trumagik Tartan Kirra
Wallenbeen Truman
Ch. Rullion Nova CDX
Ch Trumagik Star Trekker
Ch Bawntawn Simply Stunnin
CH. Maghera Morse Code CDX. HT
CH. Bordalace Luckoftheirish
Pukawidgee Yarrawa Select
CH. Trumagik Black Betty

Sikcalling Border Collies and White Swiss Shepherds

Columboola QLD