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So you want a Border collie?

Border collies are an amazing breed of dog, they are Loyal, smart, agile and quick which makes them expert herders and sports dogs but this also means they need a job to keep that brilliant mind engaged or they are going to find one for themselves, which might be amateur landscape gardener (aka digging holes and ripping out plants), the demolition expert (destroyer of all things), the child wrangler (Herder and nipper of unruly children) or the adventure (escaping and running off).

A border collie in general is not for people who want a dog to sit at home and laze around. in saying that some lines are calmer than others, a pup that has been purpose breed for Confirmation rather than to work like my dogs have been, is less intense than a dog who's closest relatives have come straight off the farm.  But at the end of the days my dogs are still border collies and they still require a job, just maybe not as much of a job.

Border collies also have a lot of fur, this means grooming is a must! border collies are double coated, which means they have a layer of soft under coat and a layer or courser guard hairs.

The double layer of coat, when properly maintained acts as an insulator, Trapping warm air in the winter and cool air in the summer. But this doesn't work properly if shed hair is not removed and is allowed to mat. All dogs will constantly lose hair through out the year, but double coated breeds like the border collie will "drop coat" twice a year in the spring and in the autumn as temperatures change. It is important that grooming takes place during this time to ensure all the dead hair is removed.

Unless for medical reasons, you should NEVER shave a border collie.


a Shaved border collie loses its ability to properly regulate its temperature and will suffer from heat more than a dog that has kept its coat and has been well groomed. If you don't have time or can't groom your dog properly yourself take it to the groomers and ask them to Strip out your border collie, not shave it!

still want a border collie? well then there are a few things you should be looking into


Our Border collie puppies sell for $2,500 regardless of if its sold for Show, Sport or as a Pet. This cost is to cover the cost of, Testing, Raising and showing mum, Stud fees, insemination cost, health testing, registration, food, worming, mirco-chipping and Time! raising a litter properly takes A LOT of time and effort to ensure you receive a happy health, socialize puppy.

All puppies will be sold on limited register unless an agreement has been made prior.


We will deliver puppies to Chinchilla, Dalby, Toowoomba, Brisbane and surrounds on the weekend that they are old enough to leave home. After that you will need to make your own arrangements.

For people who in other parts of QLD or Australia you will need to organize and pay for your pet transport, however we can point you towards companies we trust and will get puppies to collection points as required.

Overseas inquires will be reviewed on a case by case basis with the agreement of the breeders or both parents


Border collie's, like all breeds, have hereditary diseases that are common in the breed, the main ones of these are,

   Responsible breeders like ourselves ensure testing is completed on all our dogs before breeding occur to ensure not puppy breed by us is needlessly effected by any of these avoidable diseases.

DNA testing is completed for CEA, CL, TNS, and Raines syndrome at an early age, this is to establish the status of our dogs for these diseases.

when DNA test is reported a Dog can either be;

  • Clear (Meaning it carries no markers for the diseases)

  • Carrier (Meaning the dog carries one marker for the disease but is not effected by the disease)

  • Affected (Meaning the dog carries two copy's of marker for the disease and will there for suffer from that Disease)


To get and effected dog, Both parents of a pup need to be either effected or carry the diseases. Therefore dogs that are Carriers or Affected should only be mated to dogs that are Clear.


A mating between a Carrier and a clear dog will produce roughly 50% carriers and 50% clear dogs. mating's between two clear dogs will only result in clear dogs.

In our line we carry CEA and Raines syndrome and great care is given to ensure all potential mates are DNA tested clear prior to mating's taking place.

All puppies regardless of if they are sold on limited or main register are DNA tested at 6 weeks of age and test results supplied as part of our puppy pack.

all of our dogs and potential mates are also Hip scored (xrayed and scored by an ANKC appointed expert) prior to mating to ensure hip Dysplasia does not become a problem in our lines.




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