We are currently seeing a high level on interest in puppies, Please note that we do not have any White Swiss Shepherd litters planned in 2020.

We are planning a Border collie litter in late 2020, We will not be taking interest for that litter until the mating has occurred and pregnancy has been confirmed.

Please see www.Dogzonline.com.au  for current litters.

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About me

Sikacalling is a small time operation in Rural Queensland, with the aim of breeding great natured and healthy dogs that have great confirmation and ability. 

 Our dogs are raised as part of the family and are well socialized. it is important to me to stimulate the dogs mentally as well as physically so our dogs participate and experience the world as much as possible; including travel (locally and interstate) and actives such as agility, obedience, rally-o and confirmation shows.

We currently have Five dogs, Three border collies and Two White Swiss Shepherd Dog

our main focus in the past few years has been Confirmation shows, but we also compete in Agility, obedience, Rally-o and Lure coursing.

We have a great relationship and partnerships with both Trumagik Border collies and Eishund White Swiss shepherds in ownership and in our breeding plans. 

We are currently in the planning stages of our second sikacalling litter, with Journey - Trumagik Follow A Start. we will have more information once our plans have been confirmed.


Border Collies

~Aust Ch Trumagik A Scottish Fable

~ Trumagik Follow A Star (AI)


~ Sikacalling A History of Magik (AI)

White Swiss Shepherd dogs

~ Aust Ch Eishund Blonde in th New Black JC

~ Eishund Scot the Hots at Sikacalling (AI)

Contact Me

Columboola, QLD 4415

Sikacalling@gmail.com  |  Tel: 0447007931

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Sikcalling Border Collies and White Swiss Shepherds

Columboola QLD